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2013 Silver Cup Show Winners

Full list of winners and thier pieces




Being an artist is a lifestyle not a temporary situation.  Art is a lifestyle not just an activity.  One’s art and his/her life are eventually inseparable.  One cannot be an artist without having a lifestyle which is conducive to being an artist.

Art is about freedom and creative expression.  Being an artist is first and foremost about feeling free to create.  It is about expressing what is in you, expressing something that potentially others have not expressed before or have expressed it in a different way.  It is about expressing what you want and maybe even need to express.

At different moments you see with different eyes.   How you see is also dependent on your emotional state. Being an artist means having a lifestyle that makes creativity and art part of your everyday life.


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February 2013: Silver Cup Show winners and pieces added

Upcoming meetings:

March 7, 2014-Membership Meeting

April 4, 2014-Membership Meeting/Election of new officers

May 2, 2014-Installation of new officers

Art Association Sponsors "Intuitive Painting Techniques"

Silver Cup Show 2014

Intake: May 30-31

Open Reception: June 6 (5-7pm)

Pickup: June 29

Art Association Paint-a-long every Thursday
Live model painting every Wednesday